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Fanpictor Quiz Expand your event to people worldwide

Create more exposure and attention. Let your visitors and viewers influence the event and build excitement.

A great way to interact with your audience wherever they are.

Quiz on site
Entertain before the event or during breaks

A great way to keep the people entertained. Combined with a prize draw, you can reward the most loyal fans.

* Baseball World Cup numbers

Reach: 87 Thousand voters

Quiz around the world
Expand your event to millions worldwide

Include the people watching your event on TV or Live Stream. Fun to do in groups, as pub quiz or at home with friends.

* Baseball World Cup numbers

Reach: 19.5 Million voters

Turn a great game into a marketing tool
Know what your users want.

This unique product has the users focus on the screen at all times.
Advertising possibilities are possible before, during and after the Quiz.
Knowing the users location you can sell advertising spots for brands and products location based.

Promote your product

Advertise subscriptions for premium content (pictures, videos etc.) and raise the anticipation for the next event.

Quiz for Marketing

Collect valuable data
With a minimum amount of form fields you are able to get to know your visitors and viewers.

Stadium example
  • Seat & Section
  • Returning visitor
statistics example
  • Gender
  • Age
big-data example
  • Country
  • Big data

Quiz Add-Ons
Supplementary tools to enhance engagement and marketing

Improve your brand & products

form example 1
Send out questions to all users or target specific questions to selected groups

Create a set of questions and direct them to a country, gender and/or age based and if they have visited the location before or not.

You are able to see your reach below the parameters and when everything is set you are able to send out your questions to all devices.


Direct your content based on interest per user. Direct advertisement and Improve your services. Target products better to increase sales.

Betting game
Have your users predict game scores

form example 2
Build up tension

As a user you can make a group which others can join. The group will have a ranking on its own, groups vs groups will have a ranking and the best user of all users has a ranking.


A user will return often to the app to play the game or check what rank they are in the group and in the overall tournament. Friends or collegues will play in their own group and the game will often be spoken of.

The betting game will always be relevant and actively played as long as your tournament or league is running.