Fanpictor Mosaic


Engage fans. Activate sponsorships. Before, during and after the event.

The Fanpictor Mosaic creates an additional sponsorship inventory leading to increased revenue.

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Mosaic Design Tool

Let your fans design a Mosaic online with our white label platform embedded in your channels.

Fully customizable

The Mosaic Design Tool can be fully customized to your team, event or brand and can be adapted to your ideas.

Mosaic Editor

Vote and share Increase online activity by letting the fans share and vote for their favorite Mosaic designs.

Enable fans to show their passion in the stadium

Fans can share their designs on all social platforms directly within the Mosaic Design Tool. The design with the most votes wins and is executed live in the stadium.

Lightshow Display

Design becomes reality Entertain and surprise the crowd rewarding the most active fan
by displaying his design in the stadium.

Instant Mosaic Generation guaranteeing unique content

We are the only global player with the ability to instantly create Mosaics reacting to sport events and do multiple mosaics in a row having displayed the winners' time just seconds after the race was finished.


Mosaic Pixel

Enable the fans to show their favorite Mosaic with the help of simple paper cards, clap banners that also make noise ( ), flags, T-shirts or any other colorful item. Also great as a take home article.

Clap banner