Fanpictor Lightshow


Engage Fans. Activate Sponsors. Before, during and after the event.

The Fanpictor Lightshow creates premium sponsorship inventory; extending the activation window and generating new revenue streams.

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Lightshow Editor

Let your fans design a Lightshow with our white label platform. Pick a song and create a visual masterpiece to match.

Fully Customizable

The Lightshow Editor can be completely customized to your brand and to any idea imaginable.

Lightshow Editor

Vote and Share Drive Online Engagement. Extend Sponsors’ Reach.

The Lightshow offers a unique way to engage fans before the event. Give fans the ability to share and vote for their favorite Lightshow designs putting your brand at the heart of social media conversation.

Lightshow Display

Let Design become Reality

Entertain the crowd and reward a deserving fan by displaying their design in the stadium.

How it works Synchronize fans’ devices with your music using our innovative technology; the acoustic network.

Check out what clients and fans say about the Fanpictor experience.

NHL All-Star Weekend (Los Angeles, US)

Thousands of hockey fans created an amazing light show at the Staples Center to celebrate the 2017 Honda NHL® All-Star Weekend.

Spengler Cup (Davos, Switzerland)

The Spengler Cup is the oldest club tournament in the world, held annually at the Vaillant Arena in Davos from December 26th to 31st.

Lightshow Advertising 100% attention on the Lightshow exit-screen.

As the music and light show come to an end, the fans attention reverts to their screen. This provides a unique call-to-action opportunity. Offer exclusive content, e-vouchers, discounted subscriptions or anything you can imagine.

Lightshow Display